A Pleasant Interview with Maja Marijana

Along with the pandemic, the music world has also been the most affected sector, how will you evaluate it?

I was born in Belgrade, Serbia Music was affected by the pandemics in Serbia as well, I didn’t work either. I felt devastated about it, of course, but I have a beautiful hobby, I create unique jewelry. I graduated from a design school. I used to make jewelry all day during the pandemics.

what does music mean to you,will there be new album works?

I knew music would be my life and profession at 6 years old. I have a 30 years long music career. Music makes me happy and I love my job so much. I’ve been recording videos for my old songs, there are new generations who love listening to what I recorded earlier in my career. I am currently working on a new song as well but I don’t think a whole album is coming out for now at least, it’s not the right time.

How do you evaluate your empty times?

I don’t have a lot of free time, I am dedicated to my job, but when I don’t work I like to spend my free time with my daughters and friends or relaxing while reading a book. Sometimes I switch everything off and just go to sleep.

Are there any artists you like or want to duet with in Turkey?

I really like Turkish music, I keep up with your musical scene, I love Tarkan, of course, Hadise, Zeynep Bastik, Edis, Emir Can Igrek, Mabel Matiz, Murat Boz, Kenan Dogulu… I would love to do a collaboration with Tarkan or Murat Boz one day.

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